Nature Of: 'Middle of the Morning'

Our friends who make up the Edmonton based indie-rock band, Nature Of, released their newest album on Friday. As part of the release we've been graced with a new music video for their single, 'Middle of the Morning.'  The cinematography is beautiful, the human connection is powerful, and you get to watch Jack Perry skate around in the rain... What could be better? Sit back and enjoy. 

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Alkarim Devani is the President of RNDSQR, a Calgary-based real estate development company with a focus on building better cities and collision points for the people that live in our community. In this interview Alkarim discusses his trajectory after university that ultimately led him and his brother Afshin to start RNDSQR, the importance in maintaining a mentality of possibility, and how culture, the arts, and real estate projects can be intertwined for better living. 

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