FRIENDS — Artist Profile


Noah Leach is a freelance cinematographer and photographer from Calgary, Alberta. He's worked on projects for local stylists, music videos for artists including Beach Season and Reuben and the Dark, and a feature film alongside Calgary Director, Brock Davis Mitchell. I joined Noah at his new apartment and chatted about community in Calgary and how it has helped him develop as an artist, life as a freelance film maker, and recent projects he has worked on.

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Our friend Cassie Suche is an artist, surface designer, and illustrator based out of Calgary. Her ability to combine her formal education with her own explorative style has caught the eyes of many, and provides her with the tools to create something unique. Read more to learn about Cassie's creative process, her involvement in Calgary's Beltline Urban Mural Project, and why she thinks it's important to learn the rules so that you can figure out how to break them.

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